Pizzeria in La Spezia

Gluten-free pizza, specialties and home delivery

There are many pizzerias in Italy that boast Neapolitan origins. Few, however, can boast a forty-year history, and even fewer are able to demonstrate the commitment and dedication that the staff of the Bella Napoli Pizzeria uses every day in its work.
The Bella Napoli is the pizzeria in La Spezia which over the years has been able to renew most of all his offer. That's why after forty years is still able to provide a service to satisfy all the requests of its guests. In fact, the Bella Napoli Pizzeria within its menu continues to keep all the typical elements of a Ligurian trattoria. These are the first courses baked in its kitchen and even today compose an important part of the gastronomic offer of the local. Are rich seafood courses that can surprise even the most demanding palates. By the time the offer has been able to enrich itself with a rich selection of pizzas made according to all the criteria that make them real Neapolitan pizzas. To meet the needs of all customers are realized even pizzas that in their own dough there is no trace of gluten.
This peculiarity is also extended to many dishes, so that even guests who suffer from digestive problems can enjoy the pleasure of tasting dishes in the company of their friends and relatives. In addition to these products, you can also taste the typical dishes of the Ligurian tradition and beyond.

The dishes prepared with chickpea flour that have in the Farinata their best known representative. Available in various flavors the Farinata is the perfect way to start a meal. Another dish and this time properly typical of the La Spezia area is the Sgabeo. The Sgabeo consists of a dough for the bread that once leavened it is cut into strips, fried and salted. At the Bella Napoli Pizzeria are served, accompanied by soft cheese and cold cuts, starters or main courses full of taste. Last, but not least, it should be recommended the Focaccia with cheese "Recco", a real must of the Ligurian cuisine. All these dishes are served indoor and outdoor the Bella Napoli Pizzeria, but not only!
It is possible to savor the rich menu of the Bella Napoli pizzeria also directly at home. Which is the other pizzeria in La Spezia that delivers at home not only pizzas but also pasta and meat dishes in addition to the traditional cuisine dishes?
Using the home delivery service of the Bella Napoli Pizzeria will be possible to enjoy the quality of dishes prepared in the restaurant in the comfort of your own residence. The pizzeria is also equipped to accommodate the needs of children and as long as the weather permits you can have lunch and dinner outdoors. So it will be possible to have the pleasure of tasting delicious seafood dishes and simultaneously to breathe the particular scent t that has the air of the seaside town. To spend pleasant moments with loved ones or friends the Bella Napoli Pizzeria is the perfect place.