Professionalizing courses and internship opportunities

Often it is believed that the pizza master is a a choice that is made by default and that his role in a restaurant does not require a special preparation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The pizza is indeed a simple dish as regard the origin of products but for for its preparation it is necessary to respect strict rules. To teach what is in all respects an art the Bella Napoli Pizzeria organizes SNIP courses for pizza masters in La Spezia. Are courses certified by the the National Italian School Pizza Masters an entity that has been operating for years in the professional training of pizza makers. To ensure a meticulous training and to enable students to best manage themselves in the kitchen of a pizzeria, the Bella Napoli organizes theoretical and practical courses with a duration of forty hours. The theory lessons cover all the concepts useful to better understand the characteristics of a pizza. Those who participate will have the opportunity to learn and practice the teachings of a professional who has been dealing successfully with this activity for over forty years.

The lessons will focus on these topics: the history of the pizza, the flour, the yeast, the oil and the salt, dough's mixing procedures, recipes and not least the hygiene. At the end of this first cycle of lessons will begin those dedicated to the practical realization of the pizza. The lessons in this second cycle will be: the dough, the manual preparation of the dough's balls, the manual roll out of the pizza, the filling, the woven techniques and the management of the oven cooking. These lessons will enable trainees to acquire the necessary knowledge not only in the preparation of pizzas but also to the management of an entire workstation.
The course ends with a verification of the theoretical and the practical knowledge. In fact it will be necessary to realize a pizza and the related presentation. After passing the final tests it will be possible to receive the certificate of the Italian National School of Pizza Masters. The Bella Napoli Pizzeria is the only pizzeria that organizes SNIP courses for pizza in La Spezia. This demonstrates not only the great preparation of the Bella Napoli Pizzeria in the art of pizzas' preparation, but also the willingness to teach its secrets to those who want to learn this profession.

On receiving the certification it will be possible to improve the techniques through internships in different pizzerias. Follow a professionalizing course of this level is the ideal way to learn a job and to obtain a certificate immediately spendable in the search for a job. This will allow those who will be able to get it to gain a competitive and significant advantage, compared to other candidates who lack the basic knowledge to carry out an important work in a restaurant.
To make use of he experience of a worker, SNIP certificated, guarantees to the pizzeria to insert in its staff a professional able to better manage all the difficulties of a kitchen. To register for these highly professional courses you can go directly to the pizzeria Bella Napoli or contact it through its contact details.

The types of courses and their prices are as follows:

  • Course Pizza Free-style € 800.00 + VAT (deposit € 250 + VAT)
  • Professionalizing course for pizza masters - Collective € 900.00 + VAT (deposit € 350 + VAT)
  • Professionalizing course for pizza masters - Individual € 1200.00 + VAT (deposit € 450 + VAT)
  • Amateur course € 200.00 + VAT (deposit € 100 + VAT)