Home delivery, bed and breakfasts and guesthouse

A few restaurants can boast a history as that of Bella Napoli Pizzeria in La Spezia. It is a story that starts from Amalfi and Capri where the two Naclerio brothers began to take their first steps into the world of catering.
Once gained the necessary experience the two decide to start a their own business. The spaces of Bella Napoli Pizzeria La Spezia light up for the first time in June 24, 1976 and since that day never switched off. In the beginning it was a small Italian trattoria but soon the two owners decided to include in the menu also a wide selection of pizzas. For forty years now that the Bella Napoli pizzeria of La Spezia undertakes its activity, a very important milestone that testifies the dedication and the commitment that the staff has daily in the work. It is only thanks to these two elements that is possible to you offer an excellent and quality service and updating it over the decades to the tastes and new needs expressed by customers. If the Bella Napoli Pizzeria has been able to change so much without ever losing its identity the credit goes also to another great characteristic. Although the brothers have divided the management of the Bella Napoli Pizzeria, this continues to be a family-run business. In fact Giuseppe, the owner, is aided in the performance of his work by his wife Anna and their sons Alfonso and Massimo.
The Bella Napoli pizzeria is the perfect place to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere and always ready to satisfy every need of its guests.

The desire to improve has always been at the center of the forty-year history of Bella Napoli Pizzeria. In fact, starting as a simple trattoria has been able, over the years, adding details to the service that can make it a real reference point for all those who know how to appreciate the good food. So, in addition to the first and to the main courses of a typical Italian trattoria, has been able to add a large variety of pizzas.
With the intention to meet all the needs of its guests the Bella Napoli Pizzeria has been offering for years also the possibility to opt for pizzas made entirely gluten-free. However the offer of the Bella Napoli pizzeria of La Spezia does not stop there! It has indeed been active for years the home delivery service that allow to taste the pizzas but also first and main courses of the restaurant comfortably at home. Thanks to a service entirely designed for this situation, meals arrive at home hot and tasty as served inside the restaurant. In addition to propose dishes of great taste the Bella Napoli Pizzeria also becomes a promoter, hosting in their own restaurant, professional courses for pizza makers. Are those recognized by the National School Italian Pizza Makers, a recognized authority throughout Italy in the field of the training. Recently, the family business has expanded and offers important possibilities for those who decide to spend pleasant periods of vacation in La Spezia. It is possible now to stay in the Bed and Breakfast or in one of the three structures used as guest houses located near the station. Both for the catering and the accommodation facilities the cornerstones of the service are the maximum availability to meet the demands of customers and the desire to make their guests feeling at home. Whether you want to spend time in the joy around a table or spend some days on holiday in La Spezia Bella Napoli offers interesting possibilities.